Thursday, 12 June 2014

The not so gentle life

Well, I started this blog a few days ago and haven't had an opportunity to visit it since.

For someone who is aiming to live life a little more gently, I am not doing too well.  An opportunity to set up a self employed business has come my way and in my usual enthusiastic manner thought, oh that sounds like fun, and have been none stop ever since putting a proposal together for what could potentially be my first client and looking into the ins and outs of being self employed.

As a result, I have spent several nights burning the midnight oil and the proverbial candle at both ends, one night staying up until 3am to finish a proposal. 

Over the last few days, my home has become a tip, laundry is not getting done and my regular daily routine has gone out of the window. I have been living the not so gentle life. I haven't eaten as well as I usually do and by mid-morning today I had exhausted myself and my eyesight with all the online research.

I sat back and thought - what the hell am I doing? It's a lovely day, I'm not really desperate for the work, I earn enough money in my part time job to get by. I could be outside going for a walk.

My husband came home from work mid afternoon and said, shall we go out? Oh, yes please.  I answered in desperation. Boy did I need to get out. We walked along the shoreline, through the woods and to the cafe on the headland. We sat for ages enjoying a drink and the view of the river, with sunlight shimmering on the tops of the waves. We then walked through the park where there is a small flower garden. Under the shade of the tree, we lay down on the lawn and with my head on my husband's chest I fell asleep for a while.

On returning home, I got stuck into more research again.

Now, well past my bedtime, I decided to take a look at my blogs, this one in particular and see if I have any visitors. I have, thank you for being interested enough to visit. I hope you will return.

The purpose of starting this blog was to help me live a more gentle life.  By opening it up, it has reminded me of my aim. I need to get back on track. Whilst I have been full of enthusiam the last few days, my home life has suffered and I have exhausted myself. I need to slow down.

I think I will go and read my post on gentle breezes and then take myself to bed.

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