Thursday, 5 June 2014

The art of gentle living homepage

Welcome to the Homepage of  "The art of gentle living".

In June 2014, I consciously decided to live a more gentler lifestyle and as one of the first steps towards this, decided to start this blog.

I could have started a diary to record my journey and consolidate my ideas but chose to create a blog as I wanted to share my experience and ideas with others and connect with other like minded people. I know that for a variety of reasons, there is a growing interest amongst many people around the world, in living a more gentle lifestyle and the internet and blogs such as this one offer people a way to learn and share ideas.

Whilst I do have several ideas already for what future posts may be, I am also aware that a blog can take on a life of it's own as a result of the contribution from it's readership, particularly in the comments section, and I welcome all contributions.

 I hope you enjoy "The art of gentle living" and look forward to hearing your comments, ideas, suggestions for new topics to write about, and your own journey and experiences concerning living a gentle lifestyle.

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