Thursday, 12 June 2014

A strange thing happened the other day...........

On Saturday night, I was at a friends 30th birthday party - a beer festival in their back garden. Towards the end of the evening, I got chatting to a man in his 50's. Out of nowhere he said, I know this sounds a strange thing to say, but are you a writer? I get a feeling that you are.

I laughed to myself as the first image that came into my mind was a huge pile of to do lists. Then suddenly I realised and said yes I do, I write blogs and online articles. So yes, you could say I am a writer as I like to write for a hobby.

I am certainly more passionate about writing my blogs and articles that I am for my paid work. I think it is the sense of freedom that I can write what I like when I like. I also find it calming and therapeutic.

Very odd, not sure where his hunch came from.

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