Thursday, 5 June 2014

Enjoy and celebrate gentle breezes

Whilst sitting out on my balcony, making the most of a warm sunny day, I gradually became aware of a continuous, cool and gentle breeze on my skin.  Delicate and refreshing it's continuous rhythm started to work it's magic on me and I drifted into a state of deep relaxation.

Contemplating the breeze, I became aware that I have never really appreciated how much a cool and gentle breeze can make a hot day bearable and how much I take it for granted. Following this train of thought, I eventually recalled a trip to Thailand several years ago. One  particular evening, whilst sitting outside at a beach restaurant, the hot and humid air was overwhelming and enveloped you like a damp and heavy blanket. With no cool breeze in sight, the only escape was to an air conditioned room, but it wasn't the same.  

At home, I love to open all the windows to let fresh air in and enjoy feeling it flow through my home. The gentle breeze normally starts coming gently in through the balcony doors, gathers pace down the long straight hallway as it meets other air flows coming in, then finds its way out again through one of the bedroom windows. 

Practioners of Feng Shui recommend hanging mobiles or wind chimes in a place that attracts a gentle breeze as a way to increase your awareness of the gentle way that air flows through your home.

I love gentle breezes, thay are subtle and make life more pleasant. When I close my eyes and think of a scene with a gentle breeze, several come to mind.

The first is of a long rustic table, covered with a red and white checked table cloth, set outside under the shade of some fruit trees. The sun is shining in a clear blue sky and insects are quietly buzzing around. It feels very mediterranean, somewhere in France or Italy.  The table is set for an informal lunch, waiting for family and friends to arrive. The air is thick with the smell of warm earth and overlayed with a gentle, playful, breeze........... 

The second is a desert scene at night, again with cool breeze quickly picking up after the sun has set, bearing the gentle scent of desert flowers......... 

Lastly a hammock, strung between two gently swaying palm trees, overlooking a white sandy bay, empty and inviting...........

How about you?
When you close your eyes and picture a scene with a gentle breeze what do you see?
What are your thoughts on gentle breezes and how are you going to enjoy and celebrate them today?


  1. I am going to head out for a walk right now!
    Inspired! Geo

  2. I am back from my short walk; body parts hurt if I walk too long. Oh, what a wonderful out look I have on life right now. The back door is open and the breezes are coming in and I am doing small chores with 10 times more joy than I had before!
    Inspired! Geo